This framework helps you to create or modify word documents with php code. It can be used to generate manuals, certificates, letters, etc. by simply inserting or replacing content of documents.

The project started in January 2010. The most important features at the moment are:

  • Create empty .docx-files
  • Open existing .docx-files
  • Replace text keys* with individual content
  • Add, remove, duplicate pragraphs
  • Find paragraphs (by text keys*)
  • Navigate with paragraphs (previous, next)
  • Resize Paragraphs
  • Set and get content of paragraphs
  • Replace images (by alternative text)
  • Add images in paragraphs
  • Save modified .docx-files to disk
  • Send modified .docx-files to browser

*text keys look like this: {#myname}

I will work hard to add some Documentation to this page.


How it Works

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