The PNForm class provides basic methods to insert, list, update and delete data stored in a relational database. As you can see below, everything you need is a few lines of PHP code to have automatically generated forms.

Required Files

  • forms.class.php
    Contains the PNForm class.
  • forms.wrapper.php
    Handles Database connection and sets default values.
  • forms.template.php
    This file simply loads the styles and html layout. You will probably have some template system of your own.

You can download all these files in the Download-Area. Also, take a look at the sample files included in the download. The download contains all the samples of shown on this page and might help you get started.

Getting started

The user is allowed to edit the fields firstname and lastname. He can choose to show these fields in the the table and use them to search.

Sample Code

Live Sample

The old Documentation is located at: